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(Really) Meeting the Goddess

France's lockdown was lifted a few weeks ago, and so I've found the freedom to roam nature and history again. I don't know where you are, and how's the situation where you are right now but I wanted to share some healing energy through photos and words. Hey !  So turns out Southern France is as amazing as I'd be remembered. When I left my life in Turkey nearly a year ago, I signed myself up for the city of Paris, its buildings, it's 21st century cultural life but also its lack of nature.  I've tried finding my footing and getting outside to points cherished by my family and my past but lockdown happened and I got a few months of hermit mode, on my own. In the midst of it, I created my onlin

We need one another

I saw this, from the deep and soothing TV Show The Midnight Gospel on Netflix and related With my own reality. A lot of us have been called to enter families, through being children, and heal their genetic lines, our genetic lines. Our DNA carries trauma, that’s proven by science and it’s called Epigenetics. So we heal our parents, grandparents and all of the ancestors above. As well as the children that we will birth. Sometimes we need an empowering lift up, to remember we matter and make a difference while doing the healing for us, others, the world: such as the tweet here: ‪ But we don’t talk enough about the immense courage, the heart courage it’s asking of us. Yeh it sounds cool to heal

Healing isn't linear

Healing isn't linear. Today if you’ve arrived to this space, chances are you are healing your conscious and subconscious realities. Suddenly, the world shifts and our awareness too. But we are alone, facing intuitives hits and a deeper layer of meaning to what is what was and what will be. What does that mean, and when this... what did it mean? Have you got tools yet? Breathing, is your on-the-go tool. And maybe you picked up tarot cards, or crystals. Maybe you had a reiki cleanse. But I want to emphasize: this isn’t going to be a one-moment epiphany, and then everything falls into place. Healing is a way of life. A new one. An unknown one. We are all pioneers within this new realm. And it c

Healing generational traumas, healing the parents: Reiki Ceremonies

Dear one, you are not alone in having complex situations to untangle with your parents. We love them, and yet they don’t always see us. We don’t see them. We see their role, not the human / they see our faults, not our efforts. On the respective calendar dates of Mother’s day and Father’s day I conducted Reiki Ceremonies that are here for your healing: download them now and soothe your beating heart, address your aura, and let me release the confused energies: For your relation to your mother: and to connect with your own need for a protective father:

Interdimensional Travels: Meditation outside Earth

Have you ever meditated so intensely that your consciousness left your body and you went on a trip? Or had a lucid dream where you wake up to your own dream and you start playing within the created fantasy? You can also do that consciously. The benefits is that the places you go to carry different frequencies that can help your subtle energy heal. And beyond that, just as any work with the psyche, you’ll discover things from your subconscious that allow you to connect deeper and get some cool insights. Tonight, we facilitate with @tworoseshealing a trip to Mars and Chiron: the inner warrior and the collective healer. We safely tuck ourselves outside of the atmosphere, and tourist through the

What is it like to learn energy healing?

Reiki School is 10 months old. In September 2019, I was a Reiki Master, going from sessions to sessions and reviewing the impact my practice had on others. I had repeat clients, and it is beautiful to dig deeper into one's auric field because Healing isn't linear. But suddenly, the eclipses and the retrogrades were shifting my life around. In channeling the Akashic Records as I do every week, my guides told me to start teaching, every day, in one public group. I went with the flow, not a set program in front of my eyes but an unfolding to sharing my practice, the tradition of Usui Reiki and incorporating it into every day's 21st century life. It incorporates science, experiments, shadow inte

Healing Clinics in Ancient Greece & Turkey: Temple of the Serpent God Aesclepius

From August 2019: On Tuesday, I visited the temple of Aesclepion, a healing center from the Antiquity linked to 13th zodiac sign #Aesclepius.⁣ ⁣ I’ll give you a full run down of what they did to heal others because it’s more advanced than 21st century traditional medicine. ⁣ ⁣ It’s in Bergama, Turkey.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I’m amazed, ok, first, you’d drink the sacred water and be conducted to induction room, where you’d sleep.⁣ ⁣ Once you wake up, priests would collect your dream memories and based on them. (!!!) Psychotherapy is older than we think! ⁣ ⁣ They’d give you mud baths, hot and cold treatments, make you dance with music, or sports.⁣ Walk therapy was a thing, you’d walk in procession with the othe

Écouter et suivre son instinct

Cela ne vous est jamais arrivé de suivre votre instinct ? De croire en votre intuition profonde jusqu’à changer de voie même professionnelle ? Et ce contre l’avis de votre entourage ? Il faut du courage mais surtout de la volonté et de la confiance en soi pour parvenir à oser suivre sa “voie”. Aujourd’hui sur le podcast Le Déclic j’aimerai partager le témoignage de Capucine. Elle s’est tournée vers l’ésotérisme en réponse au besoin criant de faire du bien autour d’elle. Elle nous raconte comment elle a toujours suivi son instinct sans hésitation dans sa vie professionnelle et personnelle. Et comment ses différentes expériences au Royaume Uni et en Turquie l’ont forgées pour exercer son métie

Healing the wound: Mars meets Chiron now

Meet Chiron, travel with me to his Inner Earth and meet his guidance and healing before our summer's astrology tumbles us down: My book is solely about this healer's archetype: I have another meditation about the horse themes (discipline, tamed, freedom), it's a Reiki infused video available here: In June, this guestblog I wrote for Centaurs.Space is where I share my experiences getting attuned to the Centaurs interdimensional beings. I’ll now be delivering weekly programs on The Shapeshifter: teaching you how to do what I used to heal here. Join the program now Follow me on social media and / or subscribe to my newsletter to receive meditations,

Growing, coming full circle and Reiki parties:

Thank you so much if you joined our Reiki party, our live Ceremony was a beautiful way to close off Weekly Reiki after 7 months of beauty addressed every week in the shape of energy. Your feedback was wonderful to receive and if you want to share it with me by email or on social media, that would help me a lot! If you joined us recently, know that the entire archive is available here if you got a specific chakra or theme you want to work with: Now here is a replay of our meditation tonight as Mars will transit Chiron, the wounded healer: Take it warmly in your heart! I’ll now be delivering weekly pr

Healing with Seashells? Believe it, it's real, and potent!

I just graduated from Oceanic Reiki Level 1!!!! Wherein we channel seashell and ocean energy like we would with crystals: Come get your session and meet my shells' energies. It is fascinating to learn and experiment with my teacher overseas, during lockdown. The seashells are as potent distantly as they are when you touch them. Sarah channeled symbols, attached to the lore of different civilisations. I have met many parts of myself on that journey, parts that help me now help you. And my seashells were attuned as well, and they are confident and powerful allies in my sessions. The energy they give off is so fresh, the healing is quickened almost, as if carried by all this water our planet ho

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