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Reiki School
Learn Energy Healing 



In this self-paced program, tune in to your training at your rhythm

every day for a few minutes.

Practice, share with your community, join our school, 

heal yourself and learn how to heal others.

Join if you want to:

- Set the habit of truly listening to your body's needs & re-align

- Develop your intuition

- Have the skills to heal energetically: yourself,

others, animals, plants

- Connect with the living world, physically,

emotionally & in the astral world

- Watch your life change along your spiritual journey


Discover your subtle energy body.

Reiki School is a process, a container of 40 days;

of checking in daily with how you feel,

what’s going on,

becoming present and offering to yourself:

comfort, compassion, enthusiasm, love.

By the end of the forty days,

you will have learned how to clear

your body’s magnetic fields,

how to welcome others’ energetic

reality and offer Reiki. 

More than that, you'll be deeply in-tune with you,

your subtle reality, your chakras

and jump start your inner healing.

My program includes:

Reiki Attunement Ceremony
Daily 5 to 10 minutes teaching + training  for 40 days

Practical resources with reiki experiments

How to heal yourself, others, animals, plants

(in person and remotely)

& even past versions of yourself

The process of self-healing in our safe container

Helping you integrate your new abilities

The program is 40 days long,

it is made for people with busy lives,

it's not live because we all reside in different timezones.

I have taught 190+ people

since September 2019

Find some of their testimonials on my

Instagram highlights and here.

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