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We need one another

I saw this, from the deep and soothing TV Show The Midnight Gospel on Netflix and related With my own reality.

A lot of us have been called to enter families, through being children, and heal their genetic lines, our genetic lines. Our DNA carries trauma, that’s proven by science and it’s called Epigenetics.

So we heal our parents, grandparents and all of the ancestors above.

As well as the children that we will birth.

Sometimes we need an empowering lift up, to remember we matter and make a difference while doing the healing for us, others, the world: such as the tweet here:

But we don’t talk enough about the immense courage, the heart courage it’s asking of us. Yeh it sounds cool to heal « generational trauma »

but it’s mind breaking, it’s heart breaking to be the catalyst, the one who says stop, the one on the side of the road, outside the group that we belong to and won’t understand this has to stop.

We really are not in control of what others do, feel or say. We only have the management of our auric fields and our intentions.

Keep at it, keep reminding you you’re not a victim of the trauma, but doing your part, healing, and nurturing you.

One more soothing balm:

This is why you share about what goes on in your heart, you open up to

the ones you trust, you don’t have to feel bad for feeling the way you do. It’s a choice. Feel, that’s something you can’t control. The way you feel.

and share.

Create your own soul family.

The people you choose.

Let’s never forget we are social animals. We need others.

As well as we need Hermit time. But, yes, connect, create / join communities.

I have built pods, communities, to support one another, join them ♥️

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