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Healing isn't linear

Healing isn't linear.

Today if you’ve arrived to this space, chances are you are healing your conscious and subconscious realities.

Suddenly, the world shifts and our awareness too. But we are alone, facing intuitives hits and a deeper layer of meaning to what is what was and what will be. What does that mean, and when this... what did it mean?

Have you got tools yet?

Breathing, is your on-the-go tool. And maybe you picked up tarot cards, or crystals. Maybe you had a reiki cleanse.

But I want to emphasize: this isn’t going to be a one-moment epiphany, and then everything falls into place.

Healing is a way of life. A new one. An unknown one.

We are all pioneers within this new realm. And it can feel lonely. That’s why I put in place communal spaces, recurrent healing programs, being together or on our own, repeatedly.

Healing is not linear. We heal, we return to another layer of the issue, a deeper one.

Just like the planets circle the Sun, we revolve and return - but all the while our solar system turns around advancing somewhere, to where? In a direction.

Just like us.

Join our Reiki School or attend my workshops, advance, dig deeper.

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