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Interdimensional Travels: Meditation outside Earth

Have you ever meditated so intensely that your consciousness left your body and you went on a trip? Or had a lucid dream where you wake up to your own dream and you start playing within the created fantasy?

You can also do that consciously.

The benefits is that the places you go to carry different frequencies that can help your subtle energy heal. And beyond that, just as any work with the psyche, you’ll discover things from your subconscious that allow you to connect deeper and get some cool insights.

Tonight, we facilitate with @tworoseshealing a trip to Mars and Chiron: the inner warrior and the collective healer. We safely tuck ourselves outside of the atmosphere, and tourist through the Solar Galaxy, receiving answers and motions within your heart and mind, then we come back.

I could make it sound cool as fuck, like some shaman in the jungle, but it’s super accessible, and easy to do. It’s also, not, scary, at, all. You’ll be back in no time, grounded, amazed.

So come with your universal passport and let’s travel to Mars (faster than Elon Musk ever would 😌).

Tickets here for the live / and or replay :

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