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The Energy Body


What is the Subtle Energy Body:


Energy is hard to conceive when it’s been invisible for milleniums. Just like electricity was around forever, it’s only until the lightbulb was created to capture it that we were able to witness it. 

The reality is that those invisible patterns affect each of us every day. Some of them don’t belong to us, and yet they are a part of our aura and manifest in illnesses, anxieties, doubts etc.

Reiki is a path to healing our energy

Everyone can learn and practice Reiki.

Everyone has this innate ability in their hands.

(Trust me I taught 190+ people how to do it.)

When you connect to your energy field, you become closer to your being, all of your being. It's a guide on your path, an intuitive guide, leading you through your path with clarity, self-trust and self-empowerment. It heals you, first and foremost.

Giving Reiki to others is also the most beautiful offering and way to connect to another living being (human, animal, plant).

It changed my life, and continues to transform the many students I've been teaching for months.

The Chakras:

The Main Seven Chakras

I think we're going to agree on this we were all born in the body made of matter and despite all of our conversations and thoughts about abstract facts or emotional moments we are residing in the concrete touch on now you can quantify the beginning of it so face the skin and then they have a little bit deep by pinching the muscle getting closer to your bone.


You are here now let's introduce another side of our existence, the subtle body, we often talk of the aura and that's exactly what you imagine an emanation beyond the surface of your physical body and it extends above your skin depending on your mood, your past.

The subtle body is extremely complex: it is a circuit of energy with canals (meridians), highways (the hara line), and fields of flowing energy that deliver the information and flow of life: the frequencies of your being interacting with the world across your body. 


One of the access points in shifting your energy levels is by working with the subtle field of energy passing through "carrefours", meeting points in your body: those are energy vortices managing your life. In sanskrit they are called "chakras".

There are 7 main chakras: I offer healing programs available to you.

The Chakras are spread along your spine from your tailbone to the top of your skull. 


Those carrefours of energy can be a reflection of your state of mind, of your emotional reality but mostly of your subtle body: there are many books that can tell you more about them, but instead of reading why not experience them and meeting them with me?

(The Links will take you to my healing connecting programs).


At the base: the root chakra at your tailbone

Then going up: the sacral underneath your belly button

The solar plexus underneath your diaphragm 

The heart, in between your lungs 

The throat, in your neck 

The third eye, between your brows (free workshop here)

and finally the crown chakra, on top of your skull. (second free workshop).

The Transpersonal Chakras

I also work on demystifying the lesser known Transpersonal Chakras:

Indeed it's been my focus for a full year. Get on the program for your own energy body activations.

Starting from the Zeal Chakra behind your head to access past and future lives, we then go between the Throat Chakra and the Heart towards the Thymus Chakra where our energy point revolves around our greater action in the world: our self assigned mission as a consciousness in this realm.


We then go all the way to our feet to greet Gaia underground, and connecting to the Earth Star Chakra.


We go behind the head again but outside of your physical body with the Causal Chakra where we meet our Soul contracts and revise them. Choose life with the best of your intentions.


Then it's time for the Navel Chakra, between the Solar Plexus and the Sacral: meeting our Cosmic Mother: the Goddess and refill our energy levels being fed by our subtle ombilical cord to the Source of Energy itself.


The Soul Star Chakra allows us a Council with our Highest Self and mentors.

The Stellar Gateway to connect with your parallel lives, with your incarnation's travel accross consciousness.

Once you have been acquainted with your seven chakras, you're ready to step into your mission, and open the 7 transpersonal chakras to guide you, protect you, heal further and transport you into your greater realm. 

(You can study each of these chakras à la carte)

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