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© 2018 Multidimensional Guide - Capucine F


I facilitate transformation. 


I’m a Scorpio with a Sagittarius stellium: we’re here for the truth, the depth and the rebirth. 


If you’re ready to become multidimensional, in this reality and your divine identity:


Get ready for owning your desires, acting according to your ambitions and becoming your very real powerful self.



With me, get an understanding of your energy body, get comfortable with having a purpose, becoming total in your beingness. 


We fix, we hold, we heal, we grow. 


If you have health issues, chronic issues, and/or traditional medecine hasn’t found the root of your problem, consider energy healing.


In just one session, years and years of searching for a root becomes clear.


After months of illnesses, my clients find health & stability and can create a great relation with their physical body.


Most of my work is to reconnect you to your inner child. 

Energetically, emotionally, psychologically. 

Together, we work you up to being total. Not good, not bad, but human, angel and animal.



I welcome in shadow work on the phone before and after our distance healing session. 


Energy medecine doesn’t know the constrict of time and space. 

I work with all my clients internationally wherever we are. 


You can consult me in both french and english.



Testimonials can be consulted here.






Learn Energy Mastery with Reiki 1, 2 & Master 

1:1 sessions

Direct Healing

Reiki School