This is about meeting the Divine,

meeting ourselves.

Spiritual initiations and activations of energy points in your aura

to accompany your journey to awakening:

protection, subsconscious healing, past life regression,

channeling the Akashic Records and more available online for download right now.

The seven chakras from root to crown are well-known.

They instigate a deep inner work I present in Reiki School.

My workshops are advanced energy work and direct experiences for you to

activate the other 7 chakras: the transpersonal chakras.

In April we had the Liberation retreat introducing you to your Zeal Chakra 

for subconscious healing, wider center of awareness and past life regressions.

In May, I hosted the Epicenter retreat, activating your

Thymus Chakra: channeling the Akashic Records, meeting your Higher Self.

In July, we met our Earth Star Chakra, 

grounding within our connection to this planet, working with our Earth grid,

meeting your own Guardian.

Before we came to Earth for this round, we wrote our destiny,

based on mindsets and a grid of energy we’re here to change.

Tired of running into the same lessons?  

In September, we accessed the Causal Chakra and

rewrote those contracts for your Highest Good.

In time for Scorpio Season, we get on the Navel Chakra

For Sagittarius season, November, we address the Twin of our Earth Star: our Soul Star.

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