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Reiki Lessons for Kids

In the summer, I recorded for Reiki School, a mini series of videos to introduce Energy Healing to kids (this is not Reiki - this needs an attunement that they should consciously choose to consent to).

We all have an energy body. This is simply our reality. Giving words to that reality can help them feel their emotions, build a healthy relationship with their mind, heart and body, as well as the subtle (etheric) body.

In these lessons I present meditation, presence, the animist reality (everything is conscious, animated by energy, the energy of the Creator - no religion in specific). Please watch them before choosing to present them to the kids you are educating.


How was it?

Did they like it?

Did they have questions?

I'd love to receive them and answer them in another video. Shoot me an email!


Krystle Sykes
Krystle Sykes
Jan 19, 2021

Thank you for this beautiful video! I am on my journey to becoming a Reiki master as well. I have three girls that I wanted to start teaching Reiki to. This helped me a lot get some ideas flowing! Thank you from Canada♥️💗💖 Peace to you.

May 12
Replying to

That's amazing Krystle (I was never notified of your comments so I'm sorry I'm only replying now!!)

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