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What is it like to learn energy healing?

Reiki School is 10 months old.

In September 2019, I was a Reiki Master, going from sessions to sessions and reviewing the impact my practice had on others. I had repeat clients, and it is beautiful to dig deeper into one's auric field because Healing isn't linear.

But suddenly, the eclipses and the retrogrades were shifting my life around.

In channeling the Akashic Records as I do every week, my guides told me to start teaching, every day, in one public group. I went with the flow, not a set program in front of my eyes but an unfolding to sharing my practice, the tradition of Usui Reiki and incorporating it into every day's 21st century life.

It incorporates science, experiments, shadow integration, astrology, shamanic journeys as well as the attunement to all levels of Reiki.

I never thought I'd teach, nor that I'd be good at it.

In true Andromedan fashion, I went with the desire to create freedom, for me and for my students. Slowly the project build itself up, reinforcing the foundations and rounding the angles: we moved to a Private Instagram Account: creating a community with Lives, group chats, and classrooms.

10 months later, I have attuned 75+ people and introduced an ever-evolving Reiki practice that unfolds beyond the 40 day program.

Once you're in, the loop continues, the teachings solidify, my mentorship continues.

I show up, every week, with new teachings (so many of them I had to create an additional program in my membership subscription to keep tidy within the energetical practices and intentions).

We can all sign up for classes and never follow it through, but the way I conduct my class is accountability and integration: I'm here, to let you implement the teachings and not forget about it.

Within our community, we give Reiki to one another and our loved ones. We help and support your journey. We meet on the weekends for the Lives, we consult cards, starseed origins and wellbeing practices.

We go with the flow.

Our next attunement is at the tips of your finger. Join us!

Letting all my students know that I will be adding the option to study the Reiki Master Teacher level on specific dates: have a look.

I'm including a few testimonials so you can get an idea of how this class could change your path.


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