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(Really) Meeting the Goddess

France's lockdown was lifted a few weeks ago, and so I've found the freedom to roam nature and history again. I don't know where you are, and how's the situation where you are right now but I wanted to share some healing energy through photos and words. 

Hey !  So turns out Southern France is as amazing as I'd be remembered. When I left my life in Turkey nearly a year ago, I signed myself up for the city of Paris, its buildings, it's 21st century cultural life but also its lack of nature.  I've tried finding my footing and getting outside to points cherished by my family and my past but lockdown happened and I got a few months of hermit mode, on my own. In the midst of it, I created my online retreats, and they're available as advanced energy workshops here.  I'm now working on the next one, the Causal Chakra, this magic concept of having a soul. And while we talk soul, we talk about experiences, outside of this world. We talk practice, the evasion of the mental construct. The nirvana, bliss, access to the higher realms.  So I'll tell you about the Cave of Eggs. On Monday, I entered the Sacred Forest of La Sainte Baume. It's where Mary Magdalene, the apostle of apostles, Jesus's friend, retired after years of preaching like the Spiritual Leader that she was. She evangelized the Provence region and then put herself on her own lockdown in the cave by the cliffs.  I went there but her official touristic cave was closed for dangerous rocks were threatening to fall. So I sat down, at the top of my climb of the forest, disappointed and ready to give up. I saw a couple come down and I asked them if they still went therr E despite the Law having ruled it out on many papers printed in red all over the place. They said yes yes we went. And so I understood they meant the other cave, the non official cave, the Cave of Eggs where the Goddess lives.  In a yoni shape, the rock formation drives you deep into the cliff. Amongst the walls you see little alcoves for egg shapes to be put i side her embrace. Since the beginning of time, women had been climbing to put egg to rest with little characters to ask for fertility. They mention Artemis as being honored there.  So I made a mistake, reinforced by the couple's energy, and walked deep into the little road on the side of the cliffs, if I missed a step, you wouldnt receive this email. It was that dangerous and that off-tracks. There was no google maps, just a random screencapture from an amateur hiking blog and my guts. I followed the tiny trail, conquered my fear of heights and suddenly turning my head I was already at the cave.  It scared me. I was alone, entirely alone, an hour away from the official track, suspended on top of the mountain and suddenly I was in presence of a Divine Consciousness that was seeping through my pores. It wasn't just a cave, it was a sacred site. I couldn't be mistaken. There was a force, the Mother, the Creatrix.  She was warm, and icy, she was protecting and triggering. She let me know I still had new leaps of faith, new frontiers to overcome, new challenges. That her depth was infinite. And so would be my journey.  As I understood womxn is a nourishing archetype, one of service and flow, She let me know that we were also the other side of the coin, opened, but intimidating. People could come and receive from us, but within the understanding of deep respect.  And that, that is a concept I can understand with my mind. But on that day I understood it in mu gut, under my navel.  ​And that's something I want to give to you as an experience, I'm offering Friday a group energy experience, you can register here and get your ombilical cord healed from you to your own mother and our Cosmic Mother.

Take care, Capucine

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