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Healing with Seashells? Believe it, it's real, and potent!

I just graduated from Oceanic Reiki Level 1!!!!

Wherein we channel seashell and ocean energy like we would with crystals:

Come get your session and meet my shells' energies.

It is fascinating to learn and experiment with my teacher overseas, during lockdown.

The seashells are as potent distantly as they are when you touch them.

Sarah channeled symbols, attached to the lore of different civilisations.

I have met many parts of myself on that journey, parts that help me now help you.

And my seashells were attuned as well, and they are confident and powerful allies in my sessions.

The energy they give off is so fresh, the healing is quickened almost, as if carried by all this water our planet holds.

I’m welcoming you for one of my traditional Reiki session which includes Oceanic Reiki, the Akashic Records, shadow integration, Light Language, Centaur Energy as well as Lemurian and Atlantean Healing Protocols.

The Healing Modality was channeled by my teacher Sarah Louise Tilsley, we talk about it here

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