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Stellar Gateway Workshop

Stellar Gateway Workshop


In early 2020, my Records asked me to create 7 retreats about the 7 locations I identified in our energy body and no one talks about.

I investigated, gathered and completed 6 of those workshops.


Activating each month new people to the realm of the advanced energy body. Freeing them from what was stored in there, soul contracts, past lives trauma, questions, collective energy became visible, modified with our intentions, and life begin to take on another dimension. All of those workshops are recorded, with accompanying books, healings, meditations.


We wrap up this work with the final Chakra location to clear and connect them all: the Stellar Gateway.


A whole day to connect you to your Soul’s current timeline where it oversees.

Creating the Gateway between you and You.

Clearing the trauma between those two parts. Introducing you to your Light Language.

Connecting to past lives outside of Earth.

You will know if you’re ready for this work or not.


You can now access this workshop and all the other chakras as part of the Aura offering.

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