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Causal Chakra Workshop

Causal Chakra Workshop


The Causal Chakra is a few inches out of the back of your neck, above the Zeal Chakra.


We spend a week together (this is pre-recorded), a little bit everyday, together with teachings, experiences.

Please read entirely:

Join us where we will rewrite soul contracts, work with the subconscious, decide our fate. In the past, my retreats were offered one day LIVE, I’m now changing it up to a week’s program, a little bit every day, coaching, reflecting and experiencing the energy point.


We start from Monday to Sunday. You tune in during the day when you want.


Because this work is extremely rich in energy work and experiences:

I encourage you to consult the previous workshops.



You can now access this workshop and all the other chakras as part of the Aura offering



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