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Self-Sabotage & the Spleen Chakra: How to heal your Resistance to Grow

Dear you,

I’m writing you from a very rainy Saturday in April. In France we say

‘En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil’

which one, rhymes, and two, is a wisdom passed down from the ages meaning that April might seem warmer than March, but don’t remove a ‘thread’ from your clothing cause, we never know.

And how right, we’ve been fluctuating between really warm days last week to snow this week.

The weather might influence our moods, and if you’ve been having high ups, and low downs, you’re not alone.

I started taking care of myself in new ways this past few weeks. And one beautiful lesson that Saturn has taught me is that all my discipline was not really structured, and I could be even smarter in my climbing the ladders towards freedom (of mental stimulation, creative flow and organised weeks).

What stood before me and this state?


That’s one of my favourite subject: the dance between our self-sabotage and our inspired motivation

I highly recommend the book by Steven Pressfield: the War of Art.

It’s a game changer in that it states as its main bullet point: know thy enemy. Know the Resistance.

And just like shadow work in energy healing sessions, we can dive deep into why we want something and why we don’t go all the way towards that goal.

I have devised a program (centered around the Spleen organ in our physical body) with energy work, meditations: one session a week for a month, plugging my voice and my light language in your ears and be open to receive.

What is the Spleen Chakra?

Located on your Spleen organ (under your left breast, by the Stomach), it (most times) is the space that hosts (some of the) hidden parts of ourselves we don't see. There's the things we know we don't want to see, and the things we don't know we don't want to see.

Check this video for more:

To receive energy healing join the program (or the whole School membership).

This program has helped countless members of my close community and long-time clients to set a goal, and receive a boost as well as 4 healing sessions to get to the root of the resistance.

I hope you find this accompaniment to your taste: check out the details, register, and ask yourself these questions:

This month I want to focus on: …

Why do you want to achieve this?

How do you feel about it?

What need isn’t being met right now?

What are you afraid of in this need being finally met?

The program is here.

It's also available along Reiki School + all the workshops in the School membership.



PS: My Oracle of meditations is here: Let your intuition guide you on what needs Attention.

(And like/subscribe to my Youtube Channel!


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