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Why it matters to become your own self-healer

Everyday I receive many requests for videos centred around one specific issue someone is struggling with. 

The truth is that I’ll never have time to cover every single possible ache or issue in my lifetime. 

That’s why I encourage studying Reiki and becoming your own healer instead. 

Self-healing, becoming opened to Reiki in an attunement, and creating the deep connection that is fostered in daily self-reiki showers is a journey that transformed my life. 

Join me in my tried-and-true teaching program before Saturday. 

Reiki School was launched in September 2019 and has trained hundreds of new reiki masters.

It requires 10+ minutes of your time every day for 40 days, at your own rhythm. 

The program is made for our busy schedule, it’s catered to all our timezones, it’s evergreen meaning it’s here, ready, for your own training. 

More details right here:


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