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What's your Mayan Kin?

Today I tried this and I’m weirded out by the synchronicities, but also feeling divinely connected.

I’ve been followed by the number 134 for more than 2 years. Everyday it shows up a few times when I'm in the flow of life.

And now, out of 260 numbers - what’s mine? 134.

What’s your Galactic Signature / Mayan Kin?

I define in order to enchant, that’s my entire creative work in a nutshell.

Ok, I’ll dive into all this Galactic Signature thing tonight.

Good research websites are Mayan Kin, 13 Moon and Law of Time.

Drop yours

"These 18,980 kin constitute the galactic cycle of 52 solar years. In other words, it takes the galactic calendar precisely 52 years before one of the 260 galactic signatures falls again on the same day of the 365-day solar cycle."

Wow that 134 synchro..

That’s where the gold infos are

Ok so after all those websites, just googling your kin can take your way way further. I loved this one:

and the app Maya3D for free where you can select your day and get more infos:

There’s a thing called guides, a 5D « game/oracle » where some Kins are here to help you, or be a shadow (antipode) etc

I found out mine here, that’s why my Kin was « guided by the dog » the Kin on top of that cross is the White Self Existing Dog (anyone?)

Now let’s find the people in real life:

How to:

Have your kin, distill it:

the noun (wizard dragon serpent) is the Solar Seal:

which means we are attached to a planet:

Each Solar Seal has a mantra, 3 words to define our energy (action/power/essence)

Then there’s the tone (the glyphs with dots and lines like this •••• or ••_ )

They are 13 different tones based on the moon you were born with:

There’s a calendar that never changes, every year same thing: Check which week you were for the color:

Week 1: (Red) Knowledge Initiates View

Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation

Week 3: (Blue) Patience Transforms Conduct

Week 4: (Yellow) Power Ripens Fruit

Does it start to unfold? How do you feel about these tidbits of Mayan Astrology?

Do you feel seen?

I’m simply amazed, it’s so concise yet I feel seen.

It resonates at the purest deepest essence!! I’m in love.

I found the mothership of personal interpretations:

Back on studying my Mayan Kim : I’m the White Wizard and this is what a book says on it:

My first cover for my podcast called Eyes Closed (channeled name) is this :

Last year I worked with @lomography for their new Polaroid camera, the 20 photographs recreated the 20 kins of the Mayan, the Tzolk Calendar I had worked with those instinctively:

The Tzoltec Kins:

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