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What is Light Language?

Light Language is the channeling of sacred wisdom and expression through your body (words, dance, art, etc ) of that channeling.

When Light Language goes through you, it’s an immense sense of connection to your deepest core, an attunement to the Pulse of Life, a clearing of what’s not yours to carry.

And its dispersion to others is creating a healing space for our collective self and the Earth, as well as a true connection and communication to your environment.

Light Language, even though it's called Language, is not. Language implies a reception of the message by two people who speak the same series of codes. Your mental might not understand logically but the information will be received by your soul.

You innerstand.

Light language is channelling, reception, and retranscription.

Every transmission already knows who will listen, what they're able to receive. As the person receiving or translating, trust. Skip the mental blocks that will arise due to our conditioning. Trust that what's given to you is exactly what you/they need in the moment.

Here are a few of my Light Language transmission. There's dozens on my Youtube channel.

While receiving is wonderful, becoming an instrument of Light Language, becoming a channeller is a journey of deep exploration and personal liberation through self-expression. It will impact your creativity, your personal understanding of your self, and the blossoming of an existence in deep connection with your heart and the sacred.


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