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What is happening with the birds lately? Dragons

Lately I realized the birds were heavily affecting us energetically. When I asked my guides about it they said: they are in service to our world in this quarantine: they are messengers of the Dragon energy. *my guides mic drop*

The birds are blessing the new emotional field we are birthing much like this rendition of the Ace of Cups:

Clarifications: Dragons are real, in other dimensions, and they are here, on our planet, Invisible, and helping up make the shifts in these times.... I feel it with the huge resurgence of birds. Right now they are singing but its raining, like how? since when?

The whole world reacted with their own stories of bird these days: read.

What started as a quick update on Twitter became a whole search and a reminder that Dragon do exist: tips on how to tune in to them: sit and ask for the purest / most divine Dragon to come in.

Just be and take it in.

Although, if you want you can make offerings to the birds around you: I gave seeds and berries for example, breadcrumbs.

Reminder: our discussion with Denisse aka SugarxndSpice

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