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What are the benefits of a spiritual practice?

What are the benefits of a spiritual practice?

What if we just called it a time to truly see, to truly listen, to take note of and process?

There is so much going on at once, your body is in constant motion, physically, internally.

It is the same emotionally, mentally, in your dreams.

You are motion, you are energy growing, you are a part of evolution.

Any spiritual practice done daily allows your soul to also be witnessed in its motion. It completes the picture.

And because nothing is isolated, it ripples through to your emotions, your thoughts, your body.

The word spiritual might tick off and take your understanding away from what a practice of motion (in all its layers) is - let’s call it the whole.

Yes, this school is a way to keep up with a habit, to grow closer to oneself, and to implement finer details within the practice everyday, but it’s also the adventures that I take you on.

I’m bound to show you what’s possible, to allow you to witness little victories in your life by way of a practice, of the development of new psychic skills that are the heritage of the human species.

Come awaken your supernatural gifts. And here, let’s not envision those as above or not part of nature. But incredibly grounded in the human nature.

And reiki is just the beginning. We then take our paths, reactivating the codes of our past lives, repracticing what is akin to each’s Oversoul: telepathy between worlds, clearsentience, creation of new waves and all the future gifts to come.

You are immensely powerful. It is - sorry to sound corny - your birthright to be a part of this world, to influence & make an impact.

We are waiting for you.

Join our School to learn how to heal & build your subtle energ.

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