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Welcoming in the Sun for the Solstice: Energy Work

If you’d like to have a wonderful summer solstice, I got you.

We are creating a Summer Sol virtual retreat again with Erica from Collective Commons, GansgtaGurry & Isaiah from The Elysian Aquarius.

It’s on Father’s Day, the 20th of June so our retreat is smaller.

The idea behind this year’s meet up is to create a summer digital container with all the things you’ll need during the season spiritually wise. Energy work, community, astrology, resources, music and dance. Yes, we are seeing our creation evolve with time and our gifts.

I’m very dizzy with excitement just thinking about my partners’ offerings and I’ll let you know what I intend to create: an energy healing for the inner family, our connection to our inner father, mother, parent, and inner child. I don’t know but on top of Father’s Day, the Sun which we celebrate on the Solstice, is the archetype of the Father.

So, are you joining?

Tickets are selling like hot cakes so jump on our train, now

See you there!


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