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Waiting for your chance to come?

Hello you,

I've been patiently waiting for fall, as summer in Türkiye is a steaming hot cup of tea. I've also been patiently waiting for my residency permit here, waiting for my driving exam date, waiting for my chance to come.

And when fall arrives, the outside atmosphere will resemble my yearly inside atmosphere.

I was born in the fall.

Do you also feel like the season of your birth is the season of your inner realms?

The Autumn Equinox is happening this week and I'm offering a re-centering healing on Patreon for those who joined the path of live events with me.

We will address unity.

The beautiful absence of uniformity, the richness that lives on the edge between day and night, as the Equinox marks the perfect halving of sunlight and moonlight.

Finding the harmony between your soul's golden shine and your night's silvery reflections is the theme.

Would you like to join us?

Patreon is a fun platform to commune, connect and support my work. See you there!

Alignment Now is my new healing service paired with coaching. Its price is discounted until the end of the week, don't miss on the limited offer 🤍

Take care,

Capucine PS: Have you watched my latest Celtic Reiki Healing ceremony?

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