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The Serpent Column of Delphi in Istanbul

In 2019, I went to Delphi and learned the Serpent Column was in Istanbul.

So I went to meet & to feel the energy of the Oracle of Delphi + the Kundalini Awakening.

Priestess mode ON:

Being clearsentient and channeling the Akashic Records, I recognize the energy patterns and follow what is asked of me. For my own purpose, and sometimes for the place’s alignment.

Everytime I travel (and that’s the stories I tell on YouTube: Capucine F), I am offered healing.

And I share the frequencies with my viewers.

This time I can’t wait to share the video, I’m just giving you the frequencies right now, so allow yourself to receive, read on, gaze at the photos - if you consent to receiving them and please share the energy with others.

The serpentine energy is deeply feminine. It needs to be anchored more and more on this planet.

When I was there, just observing, channeling, sitting by it: I was blasted by the energy of the masculine in my third eye.

It was coming from the mausoleum not far from the column - including the physical tombs of sultans and sons of sultans.

The energy bid me to turn clockwise around the column - three times - and as you can see the column is a series of 3 snakes wrapped counterclockwise and heading towards the sky.

(Their heads were made of gold, and removed).

Now I turned three times around it, and then turned on myself 3 times to settle the energy. My heart chakra exploded out of the confines of my physical body. And that was it.

I don’t need to know mentally what was achieved, what it means. It just was the flow.

Therefore both polarities were connected. Serpentine and masculine.

Now this column was in Delphi, a temple dedicated to Apollo and serviced by the Oracles, priestesses of vision. The third eye was being activated here.

It was brought to Istanbul by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and placed in the middle of the Hippodrome. Horse races happened, so the motion of turning around it already happened.

I had planned on entering Hagia Sophia but was redirected to stand in Gülhane Park, giant trees abound.

There I felt the pulse of my previous days across the years studying galactic codes and writing them on fallen leaves. I therefore walked by those points activated by my past selves (2017, 2018, 2019).

I know this means something to someone.

Follow the River of your intuition.

The flow takes you places. Just allow yourself to be directed, and float.

Thank you for reading. Happy activating.

Share it with your network.

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