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The Path of Saints: Totality within Self-Sacrifice


I've been born and bred in Catholicism (yikes). It was deeply traumatizing, as for most of us, but parts of it that felt like home reopened to me when I came back in my homecountry.

Let's go:It took living in Turkey with Islam and listening to muslims talk about their Prophet, and the very prophets I know from the Bible, with such love and reverence, based on their deeds and words to start reconsidering the Saints as not paws / soldiers of making us feel sin-ridden.

I started seeing very human natures choosing sainthood, not especially being chosen by God, but adding that 'Saturnian' structure to have a direction in life, where they'll have the temptations, but they'll choose their Highest Self.

When I came back to France, being surrounded by all the plethora, the catalog of St Anthony, St Vincent, Ste Catherine(s) etc, I was quizzical, but decided to dig into the women that felt (heart based), not were imposed by the Church.

I went into their Scriptures, read their (published) words, and called their consciousness to join in meditations and experiences.

YES, It really stung, putting fresh blades in old wounds, a lot of their (published) words are still based on this idea of debasement, and total oblivion of their worth for the greater 'God' they choose to worship.

I read Theresa of Avilla this summer, so ready to see a woman, leader of a movement, and have a new matron saint but got sick reading how she understands her very self before God.

Alright, so, what I'm trying to say is in a world where Saints chose God, in a manner of self oblivion and total sacrifice, I saw trauma, and my own past lives reflected at me: I pushed them away for years.

Until a diff perspective was offered to me across the years.

There's a beauty that unfolds when you choose the path of self - sacrifice, you become Total, you let 'Creator' in.

Your individual path doesn't stop there, you don't forget yourself, you go the distance into a new horizon.

Somewhere where human nature is wired to understand logically, you serve the Magic of Universe, the will of the All, it's weird, it's grand. You start dancing with the cosmos.

You listen, you initiate, you receive, you offer.

I know a lot of us have had past lives/ hold fractals of past saints, and we might have suffered for this self-sacrifice, violently. I can feel the rope around my neck, I can feel the axe in my throat, the chains around my wrists, the fear of the hanging display on public places.

I'm not guiding you towards any of that. I'm just saying, if you're resonating, you've gotta heal that.

Just to free yourself, heal your Soul.

And then maybe not serve anything, maybe never concentrate on the collective. But heal that.

How? Pick one saint that resonates.

Ask them outloud to come and guide you.

To make you experience their wisdom, not TALK, not listening to another fucking TALK from someone.

I tried to understand the concept of Forgiveness. I couldn't. My ego ruled the show. I read, listened, conversed w other humans about it, but no, I couldn't see the Light.

I called Yeshua in (Jesus), he touched me and all the vitriol in me melted.

I dedicated myself to meditations and calling him in, desiring above my ego, to learn forgiveness, and a part of me got it. The puzzle makes a bit more sense.

Try to experience. Don't over-invest in the logic / mental plane.

If we had found the words, if we had cracked the code, the world would have know and changed. Has it? no.

Dive into it.

Saints are on each step on your very own path, guiding you to another, they've got a whole Linkedin Social network haha, but yes, try them if you resonate, Catholics or others.

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