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The Horse Reiki Symbolism

I channeled an animal's archetype every week in February.

One from each element.

Now: the Horse.

I was in the Akashic Records when I started recording this Reiki session.

What the message was is important to me now, so I'm making this public here while you can purchase the energy cleanse:

The horse has been used forever by humans. Being obedient, disciplined, they were domesticated -and put into service. But is it their essence? Just watching Spirit bends our mind on what a horse might actually think - before they are "broken in". Where are we being disciplined? Disciplining ourselves?

I'm not throwing anything out the window, everything is - should you want it. The key to everything is balance.

So reconsider being 'civilized' within society (a taught trait, to ensure this 'living together') versus our freedom, our animal side.

If you'd like to dig further into the archetype and experience an energy cleanse.

When we address the Horse, we have to look at Centaurs: I highly suggest listening to my interview of David Leskowitz who holds Centaur energy attunement every month.


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