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The future isn't predictable, but creatable: Pivoting, Manifesting

Hello you! Quick News: Paypal integration! Those who can't pay with their bank card overseas: time to rejoice, I'm offering this payment option for a few days.

Have fun with the best of my work: the Workshops, Vision School (advanced energy body teachings), the Chakra healing programs! "The future isn't predictable, but creatable." - Conversations with God

Leaving my most successful work behind: Closing Reiki School

It’s not because you’re good at something that you have to keep doing it:

One thing I can say without sounding arrogant, but based on reviews, emails, contacts with people is that I’m a good healer, and a great teacher.

I’ve honed on my psychic abilities and healing sensibilities for years, and helped hundreds of people either by operating a reiki session or teaching them reiki.

It was super lovely, exciting and gratifying to be good at something my soul remembered so clearly.

And me stopping it right now doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun, or it wasn’t a success.

“Do not confuse longevity with success” - Conversations with God.

It took me months to implement what I’m about to tell you, and so I hope that if you’re in the same situation: quite successful, good at something, and helping others, but also, not really happy with it any longer, and eager to discover something new: please consider the change if you’re able to put it in place physically and financially.

One thing I always forget is that I make shifts in my life really often, career wise and in other departments of my life, and I never regret it.

So what is keeping me from making new shifts? Fear, the Great Unknown that is before me.

I’m still scared, deadly scared of not succeeding at my next step, but I’m here, right now, stepping away from that beautiful edifice I created and nurtured for months, 7 days a week, with all my love and enthusiasm:

And so I closed Reiki School, after 19 months of teaching and two years of giving healing sessions: I'd like to thank the people who joined my classes and taught me how to navigate this passing of knowledge. Thanking the Akashic Records for showing me how to adapt & offer my own way of accessing energy, healing the self & others.

What are my new horizons? Practical yet Magical Living: I'm busy recording and editing videos for my Youtube Channel. It's getting me all technical like my years of professional photography, I'm a nerd about it, I'm inspired again and I love it:

The aim: making the healing arts as accessible as can be: passing on knowledge is a passion of mine, sharing what energy healing does when adapted to a real grounded life is here for you:

I'm moving onto new fields: Make sure to subscribe to this free & public platform I'm giving a lot to & please help me, by sharing it with your own audience. Here's an example of healing and teaching I really loved creating (for Winter Sol).

What I can share for your own pivots is asking those questions: - How do I feel about my work? - Is it time to take time off and list my current dreams? - What do I desire to experience? - Do I have the resources to..? If you're having trouble with those questions, consider my 4 sessions of healing the self-sabotage, stuckness and resistance within: the Spleen for 33.33 only!

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