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Nothing never dies, everything transforms.

The amount of water is always the same, since the dawn of this Planet, whether we drank it, it is steam or in the clouds.

Coming from a specific mutable energy, I find myself naturally inclined towards movements, fluidity and phoenix moments.

I created the beginning of the Shapeshifter retreats. Teaching you about places within that aren’t often talked about: the Zeal Chakra, the Thymus Chakra. This is channeled work paired with reiki, and direct spiritual experiences: you can do those workshops now. And now.

As I prepared the next retreat for the Earth Star Chakra, anpther extension of our energy field, relating to our planet (sign up to learn when it comes out), my guides told me to create a middle ground, a return to the heart, a mini retreat with massive impact: and to offer it in a way that is affordable to all: so here comes my return, my shapeshifting to Patreon. On Sunday June 14th, I’m creating a live event here for us to connect to our powerhouse: the heart.

Join us.


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