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Shame versus Desires

I recorded the first reiki session about desires, and I lost my voice.

Shame is a thing that needs help shifting.

Shame makes us feel like we are alone. We're the only one who feels that way. Everyone is normal and we're the deviants one.

So this month, to relate and make all of us understand we are connected, I'll take and receive the reiki as you are taking in the Weekly Reiki.

(sign up for 4 cleanses, every Tuesday, around the Sacral Chakra)

Shame is hiding away from our essence, from our innate energy. It can manifest as a layer of fat around the Sacral chakra, creating walls around us between our real desires and society (judgement).

So in this first session, we heal and clear with reiki, with writing prompts and channeling light language: the shame doesn't need to be discarded, invisible yet influencing us at every move. Once we know, we know.

We know what we are dealing with and we can advance.

I'm so excited for this month to unfold and see us (me included) get closer to our essence and experience the reality and moments we crave to call home.

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