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Desire, shame, liberation: the sacral chakra month

In May, we look at the energy of desires, creation and ambition: the Sacral Chakra is at the forefront. 

Every Tuesday, I'm working on either an animal, a chakra or a tarot card and giving the Reiki that is assigned to its energy to the group who subscribed to Weekly Reiki / Energy Conscious:

Archetypes are incredibly potent: they have been universal themes since the birth of time: our ancestors share the same ideas in their psyche, subconscious and energy fields about those themes as we do now.

In May:

After working with the Solar Plexus (March) and the Spleen (April),

which led us to relax into our being, calm our nervous system, then address fears:

we are entering the world of desires:

what are you eager to create?

which experience do you want to be present for?

what are your ambitions?

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