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Ready for a new cycle?

Welcoming in March!

Good morning! I hope this article finds you well.I am hosting a few healing events this month that you don't want to miss out on: 

I don’t know about you, but dysfunctional families is a recurring theme in the childhood of people I meet 1:1. That's been my story too.How we felt during our childhood has ramifications in every area of our life and its been proven scientifically. In March, I am putting all my focus on healing what is ready to heal within this theme this month for my patrons. 

Sign up to the Delta tier on Patreon before March 5th to join my psychic surgery ceremony. 

Consequently, in the Centred tier (included in Delta too) I will be offering a shoulder healing. The shoulders are where the inner child is found to hold the burdens we carry for our family. It's time to stop sacrificing ourselves.

Healing formulas are released on Patreon like those you can catch up on: 

New Reiki School Semester on March 9th

I'm attuning new students of my Reiki School on March 9th. 

If you've been considering a new spiritual journey: to learn about your energy, your aura and how to apply Reiki to yourself to feel better, to find your center and aligned in your daily life. 

Then this is the moment, this is the class.

I have new healing videos freely accessible on Youtube. Enjoy this one: 

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