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November Energy Forecast

Hello everyone!

I had a tiny break for my 30th birthday in my hometown in Britanny - I didn't have time to record the Energy Forecast for November, here is my written channeling. To receive the accompanied healing, join my School! November: There’s a new playing field, opening, and getting cemented. The option to secure yourself in this next phase comes through coalition ,through opening and letting trust be the theme that allies you to others. It’s not an easy feat, we know, but it’s necessary. Not in the end of the world type of way you like so much, but in building a better system for all, in crossing your interests with the ones that others and the greater Other hold. You can do that. Ally within duos, trios, groups, entities, build together, brick by brick. There’s a wildness to the world re-organizing itself, it’s a rocky earthquake, make sure to focus on what matters, not on the strongest and loudest, but on the truest of voices. Yours within. And your kin. Kin is an important word here. Chosen family, resonant family, vibrant exchange of love with(in) your soul relatives. This love is the pulse of life, you can share vitality through the moments in which you meet, you exchange online, you share of your love and experience of love. It’s time to open to more than just your solo experience. You’ve got this. All my warmth, Capucine


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