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No Solstice plans? I got you.

On Saturday 20th, we celebrate the Summer Solstice in our Northern Hemisphere

The summer solstice is when the sun reaches it's highest ascension over the earth, making it the "longest day" in the Northern Hemisphere. Cultures around the world have celebrated solstices for centuries. It's a day to celebrate the sun and nature, but more importantly, to reflect and look inward at your spiritual journey. It's a peak, a time to prepare for change and patiently nurture the seeds you have sown. To supercharge ourselves and each other, we will come together to do this work in community, to lift each other up, and to move forward collectively in love.

Erica of Collective Commons offered me to teach and lead a ceremony for this highly potent day in the year as part of Summer Sol 2020:

I'll be teaching you solar energy charging for your auric wellbeing.

See you there?

Tickets are here: Jump on the occasion

Summer Sol Collective is an interactive, community based virtual day retreat to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Activate, explore and heal with the powerful energy of this ceremonial day through a series of sessions facilitated by a group of conscientious guides.

Physical location is no longer a restriction to finding a safe place to be seen and heard. Join a collective of other truth seekers, soul searchers and curious folx to be a part of something special, created to help you fill your cup and feel more deeply connected to yourself and others.

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