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News: Reiki School starts in a week, 1K on Youtube & having Spiritual Routine

Hello you,

Welcome back! I come bearing news:

My School is open and attunements to Reiki are on Sunday the 1st, which means you can start your journey through my class, and follow along for 40 days of discovery. On your own time schedule, with me by your side to help you heal.

Yes, you heard it right, Reiki School’s new semester is around the corner, you have a few days until we close doors: Join us now if you want to:

- Set the habit of truly listening to your body's needs, to your heart, to your soul

- To develop your intuition

- Have the skills to heal energetically, yourself, others, animals, plants

- Connect with the living world, physically, emotionally & in the astral world

- Watch your life change along your spiritual journey

Flowers are blooming right now, you could too.

I reached my Youtube goal in less than a year!

I needed 13+ people discovering my channel to reach my goal earlier this week, and my Twitter community showed up. Thank you for your help!

I worked full time since May 2021 in order to create well produced videos, released weekly on my youtube channel. I learned so much, and I'm loving it.

My aim?

Making spirituality cool & accessible, without losing an ounce of its richness and complexity.

Help me out by retweeting, sharing your fave video, and liking & subscribing to my videos!

I'd be forever grateful for your collaboration! <3

New video!

I am releasing a video about Spiritual Routine, I made a freebie template on the amazing app Notion for you to dig into and enjoy: and follow the instructions to receive the template!

Thank you for reading me, always,


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