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Meditate with me: Thursdays at 7pm

It's not always easy to set the time and actually meditate, so let's do a meditate with me,

Today I focus on a silent meditation with the aim to find grounding guidance and clarity for this Eclipse Energy.

A bit like Achilles to the Myrmidons: CLARITY, TAKE IT, IT'S YOURS.

Thank you so much for tuning in with me! `

Eclipse season is starting, and the energy is not always easy so I thought to open up space and meditate with you along for the ride, so that if you have resistance towards this - we all know meditation is amazing but resist actually doing it regularly, well, we have a meeting time together to do it.

I pulled cards to address the themes, we got Spiritual Technology from Vega (Galactic Heritage Deck) and the 9 of Wands + Ace of Pentacles (Rider Waite Coleman Smith Deck). Like & subscribe to attend the next events!

Drop me a comment: how did you feel afterwards? Meditation starts at 11:34 :

See you next Thursday at 7PM Paris time for the next Medistation!

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