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Let's start healing now. Limited offer!

Hello again!

As announced, I'm offering Reiki lessons again this month.

The way it is set up is :

The opening ceremony will be next Sunday, and all you need to do is sign up before that.

Then you follow the class on your own rhythm across 40 unreleased videos.

This is a program I've been offering and redesigning for 4 years: the lessons teach you everything there is to know about your own energy body, how to practice healing on yourself, as well as others.

It will deepen your inner connection and facilitate the release of your past, help you create boundaries and re-vitalize your personal journey.

If you've been thinking of joining my School, join us now before February 26th: More details are found here:

(It's a monthly recurring payment plan, you can cancel anytime).

Do you have questions?

Take care of yourself,



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