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Healing is on the way! Big Magic.

Hello hello,

Last minute!

If you didn’t see on social media (Insta / Youtube): I’m offering a live healing today on Patreon:

Let Venus enter into your heart and warp her loving energy around you. This is an opening, a releasing and a shift.

I look forward to hold the space at

9pm London time, replay will be available.

Sign up: Patreon to attend and have access to all my other benefits (coupon codes for sessions and School, new unreleased videos and more).

New on Youtube

Big magic changed my life MULTIPLE times.

The book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is a manifesto to creativity, for all. And the act of giving birth to a project, artistic or not, is spiritual in nature.

Let me pep talk you and share the bullet points I gathered from this book.

If you missed on it, the June energy forecast is here.

Take care,


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