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Hands & Light Language

In a past life - or 2016, I used to send newsletter to the people I really loved, it wasn’t spiritual, I wasn’t connected to it yet - I made one on hands. Now that most my work is light language hand channeling and energy healing teaching through reiki: funny eh?

(while you're on my Linkedin, I'm welcoming writing recommendations if I helped you in any way :) )

I even had made a playlist for your hands to dance with:

I'm having a huge moment with languages learning so if you're up for it - here's a free month - which language do you want to learn?

I'm freshening up my Turkish, this balances the need for my past identity of living and speaking something else every day.

Back to the true subject:

Light Language is a frequency from the Universe: it is healing and creating new waves within your own body and soul system. It is universal light codes that activate something within your dna that is first and foremost experienced:

I started doing it with my hands, as it pertains to my Starseed Origins: Andromeda:

You can watch those videos here:

(a private one I only shared with energy conscious: )

Andromedan Hand Language from others:

Channels I trust immensely with Light Language:  here is a list I made of incredible channelers, with spoken Light Language as well you can check and heal with:

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