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The Energetics of Hair

Hair is a part of the skull, the continuation of our spine according to Kundalini Yoga.

The spine being the most important part of our energy body, where our kundalini rests and activates once the snake in our lower back unfurls and goes up all the way up along our spine to rest above our head and activate our third eye chakra (pineal gland).

On cutting your hair:

« we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” -Yogi Bhajan

Your hair is growing until it wants to stop at the right length for you.

It is a beautiful vital thing that only us wear, on this planet.

Split ends? Your brain is tired. Cutting them? Your brain is going to tire even more to make up for that part it had grown and needs to grow even more.

Is hair with a fresh haircut like missing limbs? Do we each have a natural length our body is trying to get at? I want to focus on this.

When I facilitate people who are missing limbs, I feel them in their energetic body. They glitter.

Trees are said to still feel the leaves and branches that have been cut.

In the Old Testament there is Samson, a man of immense strength who loses all his power once his lover Delilah cuts his hair.

He is imprisoned by his enemies. And with time his hair grows back and the power with it.

Are you unknowingly removing your vitality, your power with that new hair trend you’d like to be a part of?

I know that archeologists can read our traumas in our genetic matter, our hair and nails are inscribed with our body’s story, our psyche’s struggles.

When we find a mummy, we can read their life’s story in their skeleton.

I used to believe it meant cutting my hair was a deliverance. A fresh cut meant centimeters of stored trauma would leave me.

It feels incredible, this capacity to create change within our appearance.

I used this so many times, and I long to just remove this meter long mane that I carry as another entity on my head.

It really feels like a friend, a future Rapunzel to be.

Sometimes I get scared by a strand of hair that just falls and touches the end of my back unexpectedly - it’s that long!

The length let me discover I had wavy hair, naturally, which I didn’t know with my usual bob around my ears.

I’m trying to see what Yogi Bhajan meant, if we do have a length, each, and how much does my energy body need in shape of long hair.

But sometimes, I just want to go all Mulan on it, get my father’s sword and cut it all in one dramatic and orchestric go. (My father doesn’t have a sword, sadly).

When I did cut my hair a few weeks ago, here’s what I noticed:

A few weeks ago I cut my hair. I knew energetically it was not a good idea but my mental mind needed a clear cut between past and present.

I still love the new cut to bits - but as a Reiki Master, as an energy conscious being, the truth is your hair is a battery generator - it catches the sunlight and transforms it into fuel for your brain, for your body.

Kundalini masters praise our connection with our hair as a vital component of our energy fields. They recommend a top bun to feed our brain in the daylight, and untie them and comb them under the moonlight.

We all have a length that we are growing towards to - and at some point - hair should just stop growing, it depends on the people but we are meant to have naturally set and grown hair.

Since I had most of my length cut off, my skull has been hurting, I have dandruff for the first time and I’ve been losing chunks of hair(I’m scared).

We say trauma is coded within our DNA, that our emotions are stored in our nails, bones and hair. That’s why I wanted to remove 5 uneasy and beautiful years in another country. Yet I removed a huge part of me that was balancing the whole.

I’ve been giving my skull Reiki. Nourishing my roots in royal blue visualised light (health). I’ve been re-acclimating myself to this state that is anxious without my noticing so that I can be extra relaxed.

I’m letting it know I won’t cut it again. Promised.

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