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Following Divine Guidance and Being Blessed:

A year today today, at this hour, I did what my guides were telling at 8am, the final push to launch this online school, this platform that will put me in the position of teaching energy healing.

I was scared, but I followed inner orders, and now we’re thriving & training you.

We taught Usui Reiki, but since then I’m teaching my own understanding of energy healing, from years of self-study + bringing back memories from past lives.

I’m so happy it helped shape many of your year and lives. Offering you soothing tools to take your life into your hands.

Today we are celebrating with a live event and I’ll probably get to understand the scope of how many we are.

Once you join for a semester, you’re in for life.

So many of you became friends, soul family. I’m so lucky we are together in this lifetime, sharing exchanging pushing further the understanding of what these abilities can do with us, our attention and intentions.

All cultures had energy shifting, healing practices.

Everyday I want you to train, and remember your own, your access to Source, your own symbols, your way of touching energy.

Thank you :)

If you’re not with us yet, you can always join Reiki School -

We are not done expanding, meeting. I’m building a new class on the platform solely for kids.

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