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FAQ & ask me some more

Recently I've been answering some questions for my Youtube channel description, here are some of them, if you have more, feel free to contact me or comment below:


Where are you from?

I’m from France & I’m currently living between Paris, France & Istanbul, Turkiye.

What are your big 3: Sun, Moon, Rising?

I’m a Scorpio with a Sagittarius Moon & a Virgo Rising.

Where can I learn more from you?

I’m creating my dream online space for research and experiencing the divine. It’s called Panta Rhei School.

Panta Rhei has been my recurring mantra for years. It means « everything is flowing », which helped soothe my anxieties in this ever changing world.

The subtle reality is a dance of life, a movement that will not stop changing.

Panta Rhei School is available to you for 34 euros a month.

You can leave whenever you want.

Where can I book a 1:1 session?

I offer reiki, channeling and mentoring just here:

How can I support you?

Liking, commenting and subscribing help a lot.

If you feel like sharing my videos on your social media, you’re heaven sent! Make sure to tag me so I can personally thank you.

You can also Kofi me for a coffee!

Insta: @capucinefac

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