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Echo-ing your expression

Lately, I've been releasing interviews, conversations with my favorite healers and feelers:

Are you an avid listener to Echo / eyes closed heart open / podcast?

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In this episode with The Lunar Jungle, we research our roots as humans, as Andromedan souls and mostly as sisters of Lemuria.

I tried a Tarot / Meditation / Reiki Healing session combo, and it was powerful (audio / video). It includes Light Language, a healing frequency that I channeled while in the moment from my Highest Self and guides.

I released my first meditation with the Akashic Records. It's called the First Step.

It really helps get you in that dimension of yours, within your reality.

Iris Moon of Two Roses Healing and RJ of Elevated Environments came to discuss the Archetype of Boldness: Mars is in Aries for months, it seemed fitting.

It's a freeing conversation around conflicts, resolutions, listening, and expressing our essence no matter the gender.

I met with another Andromedan sister, Gracie Noellie, and we shared our experiences with being on this Planet and being open to all that's invisible and intangible: non-matter. We both teach Reiki and movement, integration of our soul within a human consciousness so this was a meeting of souls, in the best way we could.

Avalldar is a light on Twitter. Each conversation is deep, precise, enlightening. So jump in for almost two hours of that. We digressed a lot but the root of our conversation was to talk about the experience of the self, the self meeting others, and the self within society. It's mostly astrology based, with accents on faith and human design.

Spirituality doesn't work without morality. My favorite GangstaGURRY and I met once more (our first time), to discuss Scorpio themes: death, rebirth, the summer of 2020, astrology and tarot, our own connection to the Divine and how we serve others (and remind ourselves to serve ourselves). Just lessons of us integrating our deep need for the depth, and how to not get sucked in and find the lights amongst all this healing.

Finally, up to this date, I have one more wonder to gift you: Aquarian themes: I met with coach and community creator extraordinaire: Erica of Collective Commons, we discussed society, the world, creating solutions aka community building. Saving the world.

This comes as a follow up to all the talks of morality, service, boldness, movement, all of what 2020 teaches us, and Mars in Aries riles up in us.

All those podcasts have also been recorded via video: check my youtube channel to see us move, smile and laugh with one another!

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