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Do you have the Zeal? Chakra Activation Retreat

Deep dive with me, activate and become clearer about what is ruling your actions and reactions:

Results: clarity, direction, sovereignty, you are mastering life and its interactions

My first virtual retreat was on the 28th: details here:

Let's talk about it, because I'm aware this is a new field for many:

I'm giving it my all, all my tools around this specific inner adventure:

I was looking for subconscious healing, aka full liberation: and in ways, we will always be human, we will have the impulses and pangs that signify we are physical, mental, emotional and soulful and those can be presented as conflictual.

But what if we also looked around our childhood, our past lives, our fears, our inner myths? To be conscious is most of the work.

During a day (starts at 9am EST), I will host webinars, reiki healing, a past life regression all to surround your own activation in the safest way: together, with my most trusted community.

And to help you continue the work, I am offering a workbook: this is work for a lifetime.

You can register here:

I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you!

(Update: the Zeal Chakra Workshop is still available for download and activation, you can join now / I am open to hosting it live for your community if you gather the students, send me an email and I'll give you a quote!)


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