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Discover My New Class: Life Divine: Aligning with your Highest Self

In May 2023, I started writing the class I'm presenting to you today. 

I haven't offered a new experience in a while, and this culminates everything I experienced on my spiritual journey, the pilgrimages, the channeling of sacred practices that changed my reality up until today. 

While composing each week, I've been mentored by new guides, dots have been connected in new constellations of meaning.

Divinity is accessible. It's here, in you. 

Let me present you the Life Divine: Aligning with your Highest Self class. 

Here is a container to heal, open and transform your relationship with yourself. 

Spiritual practices and clearing meditations are taught in the space of seven weeks to keep you at the helm of your rebirthing ship, heading to your highest horizon. 

Expect your core essence to be re-kindled, and its warmth to ripple through every aspect of your life. 

The launching offer will include a one-on-one session for a limited time.

Join and start the journey now. It's ready for you, no start date, no end date. 

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