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December Energy Forecast / Honor your Truth, Honor your Self

This is a transcript of my monthly video offering on Youtube: wtach me channel in a calming atmosphere:

Welcome to today’s video,

We are offering both a written, energy, forecast, for the month of December, as channeled in the Akashic Records

And, for those in School, stay on, we have the monthly healing delivered right there, right now.

I started channeling a story in September, to be honest, it was a calibration due to the August energies. The story continues today, in December. It’s not the easiest story, it implies collective and individual energies that affect each one of us differently. I’m not immune to it. It feels like we went backwards, a story of survival, of us versus them, of polarity clashing. I don’t know where you are in the awakening or remembering

While we saw the world clash and clash in the past years, and we were observing with insights, we are now in the arena, clashing around, and it feels tenuous, arduous, exhausting.

The reality here is that we are learning how to honor ourselves, our truth, our body, our mind and our spirit. We are learning from scratch for certain, and it’s a bit awkward at first, just like anything we are beginners at.

Everyone around you spiritually has faith in you. In your abilities to remember you are to honor your self, your truth, which doesn’t bypass introspection and questioning your motives, your shadows etc, but acknowledging when it’s time to stomp the earth (respectfully) and demand what is your due (your energy, your clarity, your channeling, your respect). Stomp my friends, stomp away. There’s a beauty in exchanging with the Earth, yes there is. And there’s much ressources to be received when we take the courage to ask. Ask, stomp, and you shall receive. Not that you are due everything your ego wants, be sure to check the roots of your motives, the origin of your hunger, and re-apply your wisdom and favorite concepts of spirituality to this trying time where your instincts are monopolizing the conversations.

Instinct can be truth, can be wisdom, can be a sage within, not only the animal instinct that we seem to associate with raw and uncontrollable needs.

Find the balance between instinct and intuition, find yourself in the equilibrium of it all.

Honor yourself, honor your truth, honor the time and space on Earth your life resonates with, build your present and your tomorrow.

Thank you for reading me.

And… you’ve got this !!!!!!!

Now, School members and aspiring School members, it’s time to access the exclusive healing

Breathe in….. and breathe out.

We are ready to set our intentions and our vision for the month of December and heal our personal narrative, protect from the unnecessary disturbance in your field.

19:19pm ——- let’s go!!!!!

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