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Channeled Art: the meaning of the Cosmos from medium and painter Hilma af Klint

Just here trying to innerstand the way I’m affected by these paintings by ignored artist and channeler Hilma af Klint from 1906:

Take them in. Open them full size, soften your gaze. Let the energy come to you. Don't have expectations and watch how your body and mind react.

(A lot of people cry, laugh, have a jolt; I did through my phone screen so I guess you can to)

Af Klint was a medium psychic and channeled all those gigantic paintings just as Einstein was discovering the theory of relativity and the world was shaken up by the implications of those new science theories on the world they lived in.

What we can see now is our world, the cosmos we live in in a Divine Feminine way, while encompassing science: both polarities expressed.

Wait can I still breathe?

I highly recommend the documentary reinstating her: Beyond the Visible

Thank you for the recommendation Ari & Ria!

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