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Brave New Life III: Courage Activation

A Reiki offering + a talk on Courage - this is  to further your Activation when moving forward, addressing change and purpose against the clouds of fears and doubts. 

Bullet points of the lecture that you can listen to now:

Fear is the opposite of Purpose. It's on the same spectrum.

Learn balance, and tip back to the absence of fear when you reconnect to your purpose.

You are not taking risks to be foolish, but because you're on a mission. Your life is a learning experience and a myth in itself. You are the purpose.

In times where courage and bravery is needed:

1) Sit in silence, listen and connect within

2) Identify the emotional need

3) Find ways to feed the emotional need

4) The courageous act can be divided into smaller parts, and start with the easiest step right now --- move into action, thinking can last decades, start now

5) Ask for help (others, spiritual guides/angels, family, friends)

6) Trust yourself, and have faith in the Universe

A life of totality awaits for you.

Those moments of courage are the moments where life aligns, people are around and involved with your story, this is when you are in conversation with yourself, your deep essence and the Universe.

Savour it.

Once we are at the edge, and we jumped, life is a dance. Life is amusement. A dance between fears and purpose, between others and self: source speaks back to us in messages, we are conscious and we create with consciousness.

Your purpose is now. Not later. Not a legacy shared after your death.

It's not something to do, or to discover. Purpose is a poem you are writing with each of your action, and the way you impact others.

If you'd like to explore more, read and study the Gene Key 28.

When discussing purpose, schedule a session with me

Listen in now to the Courage Activation:


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It was first published as a webinar for the Florecer en Tribu Community

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As part as my New podcast series

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