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Binging on Social Events, and the Summer Solstice: 3 energy healings:

Hello you,

How was that last week?

Slowly coming off of the Eclipses and retrogrades - the first word of the week & week-end: rest. Let’s rest.

As things open open and open and the year and a half of restraints comes off, we might be starving for this cultural and social world we haven’t had the ability to connect with. And we might binge on it so much so that we’re heading for burn out. Slow down, know within that “this” will be open tomorrow as well, and next week-end.

In the mean time: take episode 2 of my Meeting Mary Magdalene series and learn more about my experience with her by my side, and how you could have that too:

In other news, tomorrow and Monday are important days: maybe you could use them to recharge your energy for the next 6 months:

I spent the week cleansing my energy and becoming the most attuned vessel for tomorrow’s Summer Sol service. I’m ready to help you heal like never before.

There’s a few hours left for you to get your ticket and join me + Erica, Gary & Isaiah for a Summer Solstice you’ll remember ✨✨

Reminder: Summer Sol is a collective project where we offer a service on the biannual events of the Sun reaching its Solstice in both Winter and Summer:

Here is what I offered last year to connect with the Sun

And the Moon

Tomorrow we will dive deeper energetically:

Just get your tickets:

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