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Asking for help to your guides

Accelerated growth, flow with life

Just to let you know you can « hire » specialist guides in the ethereal:

what I mean is you can ask for help for specific things, from the being who is deemed the best at it.

(Specify purest divine being)

You don’t need to consult an angel dictionary or else, just ask & trust.

An example: I want to learn (finally) how to feel adequate: say out loud:

I'd like to feel, resonate, and know what it is to feel good in my skin, in my mind. Can the most appropriate guide show up and guide me in the next days/weeks/months and surround my aura, my field, my life situations in order to keep in mind this is the path I chose for myself now?

There. Sovereignty, humility, free will, commitment.

Now listen to the next days, notice, look around, witness the changes at all the levels of what you're experiencing.

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