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Are you open to transformation?

Hello dear one, Welcome to October,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for receiving this newsletter. I have some offerings and announcements. Let's start.

I'm shifting the space and offering new programs on Patreon.

Centred, Delta, Electromagnetic ☾Δ𓋹

I'm super excited to see you interact with Delta and Electromagnetic. They both combine writing and my videos, for the utmost clarity and pathways to find your own energetic vibrancy. Consider like maps of unlocking this or that energy.

It feels good to have a more complete picture of my work through mixing the two medias.

Educational journey

As always, my School - where the upmost value is - remains open for you to check out and learn tons from me: Reiki School, Transpersonal Workshops, Chakra Healing Programs and more upgrades.

Coupon codes

As I'll be celebrating 31 years around the Sun this month, I'm offering 15% off coupon codes for my School memberships (Reiki School classes and all workshops) and my sessions for all my Patreons.

Take care,

Capucine PS: Try this video, it's a brush of fresh air and crystalline waters.


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