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Gene Heal

My Genetic Healing Modality

Working with new frequencies to attain the cellular level and the genetic level of what your body (energy body, light body and physical body) holds onto.



This is a healing session that will be using your Gene Keys profile, make sure to add all the details of your birth (day, hour and location), so I can prepare and record your session well.



What to expect:

A recorded session in your inbox within a week of booking:


an activation in the safe container of your Earth and Sun, a heart expansion, feelings of being connected, understood, integral, ready to re-align towards your loving awareness, healed in deep deep ways that stay with you for weeks.


I recommend booking one/a month in this order:


1) Activation

2) Venus

3) Lotus of Life

4) Pearl


When you book the first, you get activated, we heal the connection between your soul and your human incarnation, it's the first grid of energy that cocoons the portal to your divinity.


The second episode is the Venus sequence, we go from your mother's pregnancy with you to know, how it affects your star body, your emotional body and your mental body, how all those ripples into the people you attract in your life, romantically and other... 


Our third episode is my favorite, the Lotus of Life, this merges crux of your profile: it heals all aspects of the trauma and the purpose we have in here: in a way that is going to shift your message, your field and what life will be like (love, friendships, career, family).


Finally the fourth and final (for now) integration, is the fourth session, the Pearl, all about prosperity and very essence of your energy: this will allow you to recenter, in the ways you exchange with your mission, your wounds, your community... 

Note: This does not substitute to Western Medicine in any way.

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